Big Brother - Season 1 Episode 1 : BB1 Ep #1

Big Brother - Season 1 Episode 1 : BB1 Ep #1
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On the first show, an hourlong affair, an instantly dislikable chucklehead host named Ian O'Malley shows us around the house while a dopey correspondent from CBS's dreadful ""The Early Show,"" Julie Chen, acts enthusiastic as the 10 residents travel to the house, O.J. style, in a caravan of SUVs. O'Malley shows us the house, including the confession room (where, each day, each resident is required to go in and share his or her feelings) and the bathroom (monitored to prevent the residents from sneaking into the toilet or shower to have private conversations). Meanwhile, Chen chats vapidly with the residents' friends and families, whom the show has gathered outside the house. At the end of the hour, the residents finally arrive. They meet one another and go into the house. The door shuts behind them. They roam from room to room. A solitary Jordan is caught at the end, gazing at the cameras and the two-way mirrors pensively, reality dawning. It's a lyrical scene.

Title Big Brother - Season 1 Episode 1 : BB1 Ep #1
Air DateJul 05, 2000
Number of Seasons 22
Number of Episodes 770
Network CBS
Production Company
Casts Julie Chen
Herself - Host
Herself - Host
Julie Chen

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